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Language and Literacy

Subject Leader: Mrs C Gardner

Primary Languages Leader: Mrs SL Harris


At Cumran Primary School we aim to help children develop a love and a curiosity for Language and Literacy. Literacy is at the heart of the NI curriculum and is developed through an integrated approach to the acquisition of talking, listening, reading and writing skills.


Our focus is to develop each child's ability to understand and use language as an integral part of learning in all areas. At Cumran we aim to provide a safe and caring environment in which every child feels secure, can work happily and benefit from a literacy curriculum rich in stimulating, educational experiences. We firmly believe that the development of effective language and literacy is crucial to living and learning.


This year in Literacy we are focusing on the development of writing through the use of thinking maps. Thinking maps are consistent visual patterns linked directly to eight specific thought processes. Have you ever met someone and wondered why it is that you can recall their face but can’t quite remember their name?  Well we shouldn’t be surprised.  Eric Jensen in his book, Brain Based Learning, (1996) told us that 90% of all information that comes into our brain is visual.  Many studies have demonstrated the powerful effect that visual representations have on learning and memory. Visual thinking maps are being used in Cumran to aid in the development of a range of writing types and we can see how children benefit from this visual approach to learning. Watch the website for videos on the use of thinking maps and the development of writing using thinking tools made by our pupils.   

Thinking Maps and Literacy

Thinking Maps and Literacy 1
Thinking Maps and Literacy 2
Thinking Maps and Literacy 3

Travelling Book Fair Competition November 2017


Children were asked to design a hat for a favourite book character. The hats were fantastic and it was a very difficult job to judge the entries. Thank you to all who entered and worked hard at home to create wonderful designs. The effort and creativity displayed in the hats was outstanding! Well Done boys and girls!




World Book Day March 2016

As part of the recent World Book Day Celebrations we held a Family Reading Break and many parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles came to our school to share a story with their children. A fabulous atmosphere of reading filled the hall, library, classrooms and every nook and cranny. Our children were so proud to have their relatives in school to show off their outstanding reading skills. Thank you to all who attended this successful literacy event.

World Book Day Competition 2016


Children were tasked with producing a home for their favourite book character. The finished pieces were really creative ranging from Fairytale Castles to The Gruffalo Cave! Well done to the children and families who took part!

Prize Winners

Prize Winners 1
Prize Winners 2