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European Day Of Languages

To celebrate the day, Year 7 spent some time researching information about Spain. They located the country on a map, identified the flag and explored some of the country's tourist attractions. The pupils were mesmerized by the work of Salvador Dali and had a go at creating their own face in the style of Pablo Picasso. What you can see here, is the debate that followed about the morality of the Bull Runs in Pamplona. Pupils represented different groups of people, presenting the pros and cons of the event. The pupils finally voted with their feet. 

Do you think the Bull Run in Pamplona should continue to be an annual event?

Sharing Information About Queen Victoria

Working with Negative Numbers Playing Box Clever!!!

Creating Circuits

Year 7 have been learning about electricity and how it can be used to power light bulbs, motors and buzzers. 

The next stage was to control the flow of electricity to turn the bulbs or motors off. Pupils created switches using paper clips, tin foil and card. 

Making Switches

Making Switches  1
Making Switches  2
Making Switches  3
Making Switches  4
Making Switches  5
Making Switches  6
Making Switches  7
Making Switches  8
Making Switches  9
Making Switches  10
Making Switches  11
Making Switches  12
Making Switches  13
Making Switches  14
Making Switches  15