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Mathematics and Numeracy



We have been finding things that are the same, or alike, and grouping by colour and type. We have sorted lots of things including toys, leaves, blocks, feathers and buttons. This work helps us to get ready for number concepts and grouping numbers and sets. Our thinking skills are improving and we are problem solving while we sort.  😃




Shape and Space


We have enjoyed exploring shapes and looking for patterns and relationships. We have been hunting for shapes in our environment, investigating shapes with play dough, printing pictures with shapes, playing ‘Guess the shape’ and sorting shapes. 


We have been learning about tall and short, thick and thin, big and small, and heavy and light.


We have been learning to make patterns with shapes, size, colour and type. 

Making Sets

We have been making sets with a variety of natural and man made items.  This is developing our awareness of the concept of numbers and their value. 

Number formation 

We are leaning rhymes to teach us how to write number using the correct formation.