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Using ICT

Our Motto: Look Up and Aim High                        

Our Vision: Learning Together in a Changing Technological World

Using ICT   [ICT Mark]

Subject Leader: Mrs L Smyth


Information and Communications Technology, across the curriculum, has the potential to transform and enrich pupils’ learning experiences and environments. It can empower pupils, develop self-esteem and promote positive attitudes to learning. Additionally, the creative use of ICT has the potential to improve pupils’ thinking skills, providing them with opportunities to become independent, self-motivated and flexible learners.


What is 'blogging'? A blog is a online opportunity to voice your thoughts and to comment on activties that you are participating in. The children in Cumran Primary School have been learning about 'blogging' and you can read their own comments on this page.

Welcome to Cumran Primary School's blog.  Our vision for ICT is "Learning Together in a Changing Technological World."  This blog is an opportunity to chat with others in our school community.  Pupils, parents and friends are invited to participate in using the blog.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Mrs Moles