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9/3/20 - WALT: Compare and contrast two stories.

Every Thursday in Literacy, we are continuing to use our blends to help us with our spelling. We are getting so much better at recognising the blends and using them to spell tricky words!

World Book Week 2020 📚 We have had great fun celebrating World Book Week this year! We went outside on a ‘Where’s Wally?’ hunt on Monday, visited the reading cafe on Thursday and explored the character of the BFG in Literacy.

3/3/20 - WALT: Begin to Explore the features of narrative writing. We read the stories of Little Red Riding Hood and the Gruffalo’s Child and hot-seated she of the characters. We then used Think, Pair, Share to come up with some of the features of writing that we found and recorded these in a brainstorming frame.

25/2/20 - Today in Literacy we developed our thinking skills by reading the story “Not on your own” and discussing some questions afterwards. We also did a speed dating exercise where we had to tell each other about a time in our lives when we felt scared or lonely.

21/1/20 and 28/1/20 - Over the past two weeks we have been learning about acrostic poems. We used a brainstorming frame to record some ideas about Cumran PS. Working together in pairs, we each took one letter and created a line beginning with that letter. We then wrote our poem together on the board.

7/1/20 - WALT: Explore the features of a diamond poem.