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22.03.18 We had a visit from Danske Bank, we were able to think about what savings and debt is. The children were able to design their own bedroom given a budget of £500 which some found it hard to stick to! We then thought about the needs and wants of things in our house e.g. Heating, car, iPads.

21.03.18 During Financial Capability Week, we had a visit from the ice cream van. We were able to go out and pick what cone we would like and if we wanted any extras. Year 5 used their money skills to work out how much they needed to pay and how much change they would receive.

Year 5 had a visit from Sustrans to build our confidence on our cycle skills. We were able to give our bikes a full check, pumping up our tyres, checking brakes and ensuring our seats were at the right level for us. We will be able to do this at home every few weeks to make sure we are safe on our bikes.

A lady came in from Action Cancer on two different days to talk to us about how to stay healthy. Year 5 were able to discuss the eat well plate and see what could happen if we don't look after our organs properly.