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Debating an Issue

Year 7 have been researching information about Victorian working children. They debated the motion Children should work from the age of 10 years, from differing points of view- the child's, the parents', the employers', Dr Barnardo's and Sir Henry Mayhew's. They were learning about the process of debate and presenting their opinions to either support or not support the motion. This was an excellent opportunity for pupils to express and justify their opinions using facts and public opinions. Well done Year 7. 

Using Thinking Stories

Year 7 had a look at the Story of Gellert, the Faithful Hound. This is an old Welsh legend of faithfulness and loyalty. The story was uncomfortable reading as it did not end the way the pupils expected. They decided to explore the issues in the story and how the characters' actions made us feel. Using a thinking frame and the Red thinking hat , we were able to record our thoughts and ideas.