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Thinking Frames

Thinking Frames

In Cumran, our vision is ‘Learning together in a changing world’, therefore we felt that it was vitally important to provide all our pupils with quality learning and teaching opportunities to succeed.


As stated in ESAGS ‘We need to ensure each and every learner fulfils his or her full potential at every stage of his or her development’ and thinking frames have been a successful tool in our school, to lead learning for all our pupils.  We believe in the concept of lifelong learning, learning should be fun, therefore, in teaching we equip our pupils with skills, knowledge and understanding to access a broad and balanced curriculum.


Thinking frames now provide all pupils with a framework to guide them through learning activities whilst they use a range of thinking processes. This visual tool has enabled our students to take control of their learning.


In pupil self- evaluations, all pupils, including those with Special Educational Needs now know when they have succeeded in tasks. They feel that they can do more, they are becoming more confident and are able to explain what they have learned.  It has been encouraging to see how our pupils are making connections with their learning and can apply their knowledge and skills into other situations.  When working with SEN children and more able pupils it has been great to see how they can teach their learning to someone else.  Our pupils now feel good about themselves and are recording positive reflections in their learning. They recognise that their brain is getting stronger and they are getting smarter. 


Why use thinking frames? They are a visual tool; research has shown that between 80% and 90% of the information that we receive is visual.



The use of these visual tools provides all pupils with the opportunities to develop the seven classroom strategies of:

  • Making thinking important
  • Making thinking explicit
  • Promoting independent learning
  • Enabling collaborative learning
  • Setting Open Ended Challenges
  • Effective questioning
  • Make connections


Thinking frames are such a versatile tool, they can be used by any child, at any time and in any place.  They are easy to draw, a sheet of paper and a pencil is the only equipment which is required when using thinking frames.


The 'Reflective Lens' engages the student's brain, enabling them to think a much deeper level as they consider why the information is important and where they obtained the information.  When used in conjunction with 'Thinking Hats', these are two powerful tools which increases pupil's learning potential.


'Thinking Frames help mechanise the cogs in my brain'

Benjamin Alexander


'Thinking Frames are powerful tools which help me to plot my ideas'

Charlie Shilliday


'Thinking Frames draw your thoughts'

Matthew Bennett


'Thinking Frames make it easier to think'

Kayden Warnock


'Thinking Frames and Thinking Hats make it easier to process things in my head'

Ashley Steele