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5/1/18 - Year 4 had an absolutely brilliant World War 2 Day today to finish off their WAU topic. They had a very strict teacher who made them write using slates and chalk as they completed their Maths and English lessons. They had to recite their times tables and some poetry by William Wordsworth. The children then had the opportunity to play some traditional WW2 games in the playground, including hopscotch and marbles. The day ended with a VE Day street party to celebrate the end of the war!

15/12/17 - Year 4 had a fantastic trip today to the NI War Memorial museum in Belfast! We learnt lots of new information about World War II and we even got to try on some wartime clothing!

6/12/17 - WALT: Understand what life was like during WW2. Have a look at the Activity Based Learning we have been doing connected to our topic of World War II. We had great fun working in groups to design Anderson shelters that would withstand a 500g 'bomb'. We also made 'Blitz' pictures and carried out an investigation to determine which material would be most suitable to use in order to make a black out blind.

Today (4/10/17) in WAU, we carried out an investigation in groups to find out which materials would be most effective at protecting an egg from cracking when it was dropped from a height of 1 metre. Each group was given a different material to make a protective covering for their egg. We predicted which material we thought would be most effective and after we carried out the experiment, we recorded our results in a table. From this investigation, we learnt about the importance of wearing a helmet when we are riding our bikes in order to protect our heads.

The World's Largest Lesson 2017