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 Mathematical Geniuses 


In maths lessons, we had been learning about position and movement where we were turning both clockwise and anti-clockwise directions.  We know how there are 360 degrees in a full turn and we completed a range of practical activities to turn in multiples of 30 and 45 degrees, then we identified  the new position after turning.  

During maths topic lessons, we also revised 2D and 3D shapes names and we also investigated the properties of shapes.  This was useful as we used this information to help us code.  We also explored co-ordinates and infused our shape knowledge to draw 2D shapes on a co-ordinate grid and to insert the missing vertices to complete the shape.


Mrs Smyth then challenged the class to use and apply their mathematical knowledge in another situation.  We were introduced to a range of ICT and apps such as the probot, the hopscotch app and the dash robot.  During these lessons, we worked collaboratively to problem solve, enabling us to find the solutions. This is when we learnt about ‘debugging’, so if code doesn’t work, the commands are reviews to identify and fix the area, this really helped us problems solve. 

We quickly made links between the different ICT tools, however we also realised that some extra steps are needed, depending on the ICT being used.  For example, when using a drone we needed to include take off and landing, or the code would not work!  

To become mathematical geniuses, Mrs Smyth provided us with tasks which made us think outside of the box.  We had to use our mathematical knowledge to calculate the angle needed when coding the shape, we also learnt how to reduce the number of commands by using ‘repeat’. In Year 6, we now know how to code a device to draw regular polygons, however we are not revealing our thinking online, you will have to visit Year 6 and find this out for yourself!


We can definitely say that our brains have got stronger and we have got smarter. During these lessons when we made an error, we realised it was our ‘First Attempt In Learning’! 


Mathematical Geniuses at work - Coding 2D shapes in maths