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1/12/20 - WALT: Use a sequencing frame to plan a set of instructions for washing our hands.

26/11/20 - WALT: Recognise and use verbs. We had great fun finding verbs that were hidden around the willow dome this morning. We took turns acting out different examples to see if our partner could guess the verb. Then we practised using verbs in sentences.

19/11/20 - WALT: Order and follow instructions. Today we went outside and found a set of instructions that had been hidden around the willow dome. We put the instructions into order and found the bossy verbs. Afterwards we gathered some leaves and used these to follow a set of instructions for making leaf hedgehogs! 🍂🍁🦔

10/11/20 - WALT: Follow a set of instructions for making a Diwali lantern. We are learning about Diwali as part of our new topic of “Celebrations”. We had great fun making lanterns by following the instructions on our Work to be Proud of board!

10/11/20 - WALT: Understand the features of Procedural Writing. To begin our new form of writing, we practised giving and receiving instructions, played a game of ‘Miss Agnew says’ and looked at some written examples of instructions. We used these to create a brainstorming frame to show the features of this form of writing.

We have been working really hard every week learning how to select initial blends to help us spell words. Sometimes we use these to complete the missing spaces in sentences that Miss Agnew gives us and other times we write our own sentences using capital letters and full stops.