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Year 6

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Welcome to Year 6


Our Motto: Look Up and Aim High   

Our Vision: Learning Together in a Changing World.



We are rocketing to success!

'Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars.'

UNCRC Article 28:  Education should develop each child's personality and talents to the full.

Our trip to Armagh Planetarium

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Safer Internet Day

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Find out what is happening in ...


Class 2014-2015



We worked with our parents to design and make a rocket with a door, without using our hands to push it open. Great fun was had by all!

UNCRC Article 29:  Children have a right to an education


Should we have the choice of going to space on holiday?


Financial Capability Week - 'Tray bake Task' 

Which group will win the challenge when they accurately calculate their cost and overall profit?


UNCRC Article 28:  Education should develop each child's personality and talents to the full.

Tray Bake

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Let's try out our entrepreneurial skills!


What skills have you developed during the activities completed during financial capability week?


Financial Capability Week

How to operate a small business
The need for a business plan
The importance of research before completing task
Effective communciation
Ability to use a spreadsheet to calculate cost and profit


Sounding of the horn

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Vicious Vikings in Cumran

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Click below to watch our trailer 'Raiders'

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Science Investigation - What is the best material to make a Viking Raincoat?


We had to explore a range of materials that could be used to make a water resistant coat for the Vikings as they journey from their Viking homelands to Ireland on their longship.  We had to ensure that we had chosen the best material that the coat could be made from, therefore we had to carry out a fair test to explain our choice.  We decided the best way to test the four materials of nylon, cotton, linen and polyester was to use a water drop to put an equal amount of drop on each material and time how long it would stay on top, before disappearing.  We tested each material three times and used the stopwatch on the ipad to accurately record the time. After some discussion we finally decided that nylon was the best water resistance material as the polyester appear to feel slightly damp.

Vicious Vikings Archaeological Discovery

We were learning about angles, movement and co-ordinates and had great fun using all our knowledge to complete this activity.  We worked in small groups, where we had to transform the probot into a Viking Longhip so that it could travel around Strangford Lough to find the 'Viking Treasures'.  Next we planned our map, using co-ordinates and decided on the location of the treasures, then we made our large map, where we had to use rulers and a metre stick to calculate the distance in 'cm' from one island to the next, whilst inputting the correct angles to make the longship travel the correct way.  Finally,we recorded our instructions to enable other Year 6 archaeologists to enter on a voyage of discovery around Strangford Lough on the longships to find the jewels.  We absolutely loved this challenge, it was a fun way of using our maths.