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Ulster Aviation Society Trip

Class Trip To The Ulster Aviation Society

On Wednesday, year 7 pupils paid a visit to the Ulster Aviation Society, as they had been exploring the topic of flight. Nothng could have prepared them for the sight of the planes when they entered the aircraft hangar at Balmoral Showgrounds. They were amazed to be so close to all of the aircraft and to be able to climb inside the planes and helicopters and sit in the cockpit of a jet. Our tour guides- Ron, Ray and Ivan had an encyclopaedic knowledge  of the aircraft, the history of flight and emphasised the huge part  N. Ireland has played in the development of aircraft- Harry Ferguson, Lillian Bland, James Martin, Shorts Brothers. The class were amazed when they heard a jet took 92 seconds to fly 2 miles. They also saw the replica of Harry Ferguson's aeroplane, built for a BBC programme and did not realise that the wings were covered in fabric. They saw a Buccaneer, a Puma helicopter, a Hawk jet, a flying bomb, and even before we entered the hangar, passed the air ambulance sitting ready for the next emergency call. 

This was a fantastic experience for our children and they have really appreciated the work of the society. They were able to speak to some of the volunteers who were in the process of restoring the vehicles and asked many questions. They have also written to thank the gentlemen , who took the time to take them around and show them the aircraft, as the people who work there are all volunteers. 

On the way home, we took a slight detour to the Harry Ferguson Memorial Garden, saw the house where he was born and a beautiful statue built in his memory.

The children came away inspired and excited and they will not forget this trip for a long time. 

Have a good look at the photos and check out the style too! Spot the Top Gun fans!!!!