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Ulster Aviation Society

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World of Owls Workshop 🦉

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Today, the class enjoyed an amazing workshop from Mike, ‘World of Owls’.  This is a registered charity and the sanctuary can be visited to see a range of animals, definitely worth a visit!


Mike was really impressed with the questions being asked by the class and their interest in the owls which he had brought with him.  We got to see three different owls and even enjoyed one of the owls having a fly around our class and taking a shine to one person, check out the video to find out who this was!


We were definitely very privileged to have a film star in the class, when you see a Year 7 pupil, ask them to find out more exciting information!  

Finally, we were very fortunate to see a rare black owl, the chances of seeing a black barn owl is 1 in half a million!


We hope you enjoyed watching the highlights from our awesome workshop!



Kilbroney Trip

I’m a Year 7 Get Me Out of Here

Sport for life

Annual Santa Run raising money for Daisy Lodge

Kilkeel High School Open Day - the children were invited to spend a day in the life of a secondary school pupil, moving from class to class.

European Day of Languages 🇮🇹

European Day of Languages



Year 7 were learning about the country of Italy and had a great time finding out some facts about the country while learning a few Italian phrases.  We are learning how Italy has a president who will sit in power for seven years.  It was great to explore some of the famous landmarks, talk about Italian food, find out about school life and learn some Italian phrases.


We know how to say hello, goodbye, thank you and count to ten.  Our number knowledge was put to the test when we played bingo and different children got the opportunity to be the ‘Bingo Caller’! Our Italian was just Magnifica!



Some of the class were able to share their Italian holiday experiences and give us a glimpse into Italian life!  Some had been to the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Florence and Venice.  Mrs Smyth told us about her time in Rome where she was inside the Colosseum, saw the Trevi Fountain, visiting Naples where she walked the streets of Pompeii and saw Mount Vesuvius which stands tall behind the village.  She also visited Milan but was highly disappointed when she didn’t bring home a new pair of Italian shoes!  Finally Mrs Murray told us about her wonderful experience of performing with the choir in the Vatican!  We really were surrounded with some ‘Italian Experts’ or people who just like to go on holiday! 🤣


During the day were were introduced to the Italian opera singer, Andrea Bocelli and were able to listen to some of his amazing songs.  We enjoyed his performance of ‘Time to say goodbye’ and ‘Amazing Grace’.


The highlight of the day was some Italian food tasting, we are so fortunate to have our own in-house chef, Mrs Murray, who made us delicious pizza! 🍕 A huge ‘grazie’ to Mrs Murray!


We hope you enjoy seeing some of photos from the day and how we all look fantastic in our bright Italian colours!


Ciao for now…

Year 7, Mrs Smyth, Chef Murray and Mrs Hudson.



School Council

School Council Election Day


Our first fundraising event this year was ‘Fitness Freddy’.  The whole school was raising money to buy new chrome books for Cumran.  Last year we lost 25 devices which means we have fewer devices to use in school when completing ICT activities in class.  

The raising of funds to purchase new chrome books will really help each class in lessons.  Every class had a session with Fitness Freddy, where everyone had great fun with lots of dancing.  We hope you enjoy watching our short video which has both photos and some video clips from the Year 7 session!

Fitness Freddy

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After working extremely hard for months in preparation for the SEAG transfer tests, Mrs Smyth had a pizza party for the children.  They have to be commended for the hard work and perseverance, completing many practice papers and attending the weekly SEAG transfer club.  This was probably the most favourite session, they had pizza, chocolate cake, drinking chocolate and treat bars!  Well done to all my stars, you did it!