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Safeguarding Children

Safeguarding Our Pupils At Cumran Primary School. 


People you should know:


Governor Responsible for Child Protection:   Mr C. Campbell/ Mr A. Lewis


Designated Teacher:                                     Mrs P. McDade ( Vice - Principal)


Deputy Designated  Teachers:                      Mrs R. Moles (Principal)

                                                                     Mrs J. Murray (Year 1 Teacher)

Working Together To Keep Children Safe


Developing a positive ethos at Cumran Primary School is dependent on the relationships of trust between staff, pupils and parents. The staff work hard to protect and safeguard our children in school, making it a safe place to learn. However, there may be occasions when parents have a concern regarding a child's experience, that could have a profoundly damaging effect on their well-being. The film below, created by our own pupils, explains how you would make your concern known to the staff.



Top Tips For Parents

ParentingNI have produced top tip cards for parents on how to deal with a variety of parenting challenges e.g. dealing with bullying, e-safety, friendship skills, managing child behaviour, mental health, improving self-esteem, building resilience, promoting independence, managing emotions and improving communication. These top tips can be found at the following address:

Working Together To Keep Our Children Safe

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Resources For Parents