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Packing Up a Van with Donations for Ukraine

Pupils Learn New Skills in Orienteering and Survival

Exploring the Evidence

So far we have deciphered the clues on a birthday card, written in Slovenian. We uncovered the code to open a memory stick using information on the front of the envelope, which revealed photos of the local area, reports about cryptosporidium, receipts for temporary labs, a record of texts in Slovenian and numerous pieces of information about when and where the event will take place. Year 7 must stop it from happening. Please read the information below so that you will have a better understanding of what year 7 are doing.

Recent letters have been received by the pupils from the PSNI and MI5 to thank the pupils for their continued efforts in helping to prevent a major incident in the Mournes. 

Stepping Outside Our Comfort Zone

As you may be aware, year 7 pupils have been working together with the PSNI, the CIA, the FBI and Northern Ireland Water to try to stop the world’s water supply from being contaminated with cryptosporidium. Using evidence gathered from a crime scene, they have cracked a code that opened up further evidence from a memory stick, found at the crime scene. Evidence indicates a further incident may happen and our pupils are working together with Belfast Activity Centre staff to help prevent a potential catastrophe. This has involved not only the sharpening of deductive powers but developing some new physical skills that have taken us beyond our limits.
Stepping outside our comfort zone makes us feel vulnerable, uncomfortable and has a physical effect on our brains and our bodies, but today, year 7 pupils from Cumran Primary School excelled themselves. Donning the safety gear, they learned how to climb, how to abseil and in the afternoon, went caving to find further clues in locked boxes. Again, they cracked codes to open the sealed boxes. It was an amazing effort from everyone, they worked together and supported one another as they challenged themselves beyond their limits. Well done everyone, you were amazing.

Challenge Accepted

Exploring the Past at Down County Museum

We have exploring the past with Linda at Down County Museum in Downpatrick. Using photographs and a wide range of objects from the past, we were able to improve our understanding of life during the Victorian Era. It was funny to compare the artefacts with the modern day equivalents and it made us appreciate how comfortable life is in the present day. Hearing stories about the criminals who frequented the gaol and the range of punishments to fit the crimes, made us both laugh and gasp at the same time. Thank you to Linda from the museum , who grabbed our attention and taught us a lot about life during the Victorian Era.

Crime Scene Investigation


Year 7 pupils are investigating a conspiracy to pollute the world’s water supply. With the help of Belfast Activity Centre, pupils are exploring a crime scene to sift through the evidence. They are looking for answers to help them prevent a major catastrophe.

Crime Scene Investigation