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We had great fun celebrating European Day of Languages. Our class focussed on Scotland and Scots language. Mrs Campbell told us all about what life is like in Scotland and we did some research of our own on the iPads. We really loved making our own shortbread! Year 5 were fascinated by all of the different types of tartan there is, and were surprised to learn that so many of in the class have a clan tartan. We then designed our own tartans and weaved them using paper. Mrs Campbell read us the Gruffalo in Scots and we were so quick to figure out the meanings of the different Scots words. We listened to some Scottish music, identifying the instruments, tempo and dynamics and then rated them out of 10.

Year 5 had a great day out at W5 in Belfast! We really enjoyed our workshop “Fit to Go” which was all about the human body. We played a game to show off our knowledge about the organs, and we measured our heartbeats using different instruments. The instructor was very impressed with all of the knowledge we already had about the body!


After that, we got to explore the different exhibitions. We loved playing with and investigating the interactive activities. It was lots of fun!! We especially loved getting to play on the Climbit.

World Book Day 🌍📚