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14/12/20 - WALT: Understand how numbers are made up of tens and units.

7/12/20 - WALT: Sort 2D shapes on a Venn diagram.

30/11/20 - WALT: Learn how to give change. Today we took it in turns to be the customer and shopkeeper and practised giving change using subtraction.

23/11/20 - WALT: Work logistically to explore different ways of making amounts of money. Today we worked together to find all of the different ways of making 10p using our coins. Then we worked in our groups to explore different ways of making other amounts of money.

12/11/20 - WALT: Make amounts of money using the least number of coins possible.

4/11/20 - WALT: Add coins together to find the total amount of money.

Forest School Maths - 2/11/20 - WALT: Recognise coins and put them into order. We had great fun outside today finding the coins that had been hidden around the willow dome, adding them together to find the total amounts and putting them in order from smallest to largest. We realised that some coins which are smaller in size are actually worth more money!

17/9/20 - WALT: Revise the properties of 2D shapes using elastic bands and pinboards.

15/9/20 - Forest School Maths 🌲🌳 WALT: Use natural materials to create symmetrical pictures. We loved going outside and finding different materials that we could use to make symmetrical pictures. Most of us found twigs that we could use for the line of symmetry. Then we used other materials to complete our symmetrical pictures!

4/9/20 - WALT: Use 2D shapes to create repeating patterns.

3/9/20 - Forest School Maths 🌳🌲 WALT: Identify 2D shapes and their properties. We had great fun outside using twigs and sticks to create 2D shapes to help us revise their properties. Some of us even tried to make decagon and dodecagons!