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Financial Capability Week 2018! Have a look at the activities we got up to for Financial Capability Week! We particularly enjoyed our trip to the shop, our visit to the ice-cream van and hearing from Angeline who works in the Danske bank. 💷💷

Over the last few weeks we have had Young Enterprise in with us teaching us about our role within the local community. Have a look at a few of the activities we did!

Having fun in the play park as our treat for winning class of the week!

In connection with our WAU topic of 'Dinosaurs', we had great fun collecting natural materials outside and then using these to create clay fossils in Art!

9/3/18 - Party in the parking lot! Have a look at what we got up to on the day that no cars were allowed in the school car park and we all had to cycle/scoot/walk to school!

World Book Week (w/c 26/2/18). Have a look at our photographs to see how we celebrated World Book Week! We had great fun completing a scavenger hunt in the library, taking part in a table quiz, dressing up as our favourite book characters and baking treats for them to eat!

WALT: Understand how to stay healthy (18/1/18 and 23/1/18). Today and last Thursday, a lady from Action Cancer came to talk to us about how to stay healthy. She showed us the 'Healthy Eating Plate' and we heard all about different foods that are healthy and unhealthy to eat. She also taught us about the dangerous effects that alcohol and smoking can have on our bodies.

WALT: Understand the story of Noah and the significance of the rainbow (18/1/18). Today we heard all about the story of Noah and made our very own rainbow fruit skewers!

Have a look at what we have been doing in Activity Based Learning in connection with our Weather topic!

9/1/18 - WALT: Understand the story of Jesus calming the storm. Today Mr Murdock told us the story from the Bible about Jesus calming the storm. We then made our own boats using cocktail sticks and created a 'storm in a bottle' using water, oil and food colouring. When we tested our boats in the storm by shaking our bottles, they all stayed afloat!