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WALT: Use magnifying glasses and iPads to examine the flowers and plants in our school grounds (17/5/18).

2/5/18 - WALT: Investiagte whether ice melts faster in salty water or in fresh water. In WAU this week, we enjoyed making dinosaur eggs by freezing water in balloons and then testing them to see whether they melted faster in salty water or fresh water. We discovered that salty water makes ice melt quicker and also thought about how we could make the investigation a fair test by changing only one variable. It was great fun!

WALT: Carry out a science experiment to investigate what will happen to dinosaur eggs made out of baking soda (16/4/18 and 18/4/18). We had great fun making dinosaur eggs out of baking soda and water. After freezing our eggs, we tested them with vinegar. We discovered that, because the temperature on the thermometer rose during the experiment, the reaction was an exothermic reaction. We had great fun watching our dinosaurs hatch!