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We practised washing our hands and then used our experience to help us plan and write a set of instructions together (26/11/19).

18/11/19 - WALT: Follow instructions to make coloured Rangoli rice.

14/11/19 - WALT: Find bossy verbs and time words in instructions during shared reading.

13/11/19 - WALT: Use the instructions on our ‘Work to be Proud Of’ board to design Diwali lanterns.

WALT: Understand the features of procedural writing (5/11/19). We explored instructions that we found at home and created a brainstorming frame to show the language features found in this type of writing.

Every Thursday during Literacy with Mrs Liggett, we use our blends to help us learn how to spell four-letter words.

Have a look at the shared reading and writing we have been doing as we have been learning all about Recount writing!