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WALT: Work collaboratively to design a paper chain that contains a repeating pattern and is long enough to reach the floor (19/11/19).

WALT: Sort and interpret data on a Carroll diagram (18/11/19).

WALT: Sort odd and even numbers (7/11/19). To celebrate Outdoor Classroom Day, we went outside to find numbers that were hidden in the bushes! We then sorted them into odd and even using a categorising frame. Afterwards, we went into the hall and used the drone to land on a variety of odd and even numbers. We used Mrs Potter’s Questions to self-assess our leaning at the end.

WALT: Revise 3D shapes and know how to input data into a bar graph (25/10/19).

WALT: Use coins to make amounts of money (23/10/19).

WALT: Sequence the months of the year (17/10/19). We had great fun finding the months of the year hidden outside, working together to put them into order and then using them to play bingo! We also discussed the months that fall in the four different seasons of the year.

WALT: Develop our initial understanding of place value using tens and units (9/10/19 and 10/10/19).

WALT: Understand the line of symmetry (2/10/19). We had so much fun collecting natural materials outside and using them to make symmetrical pictures!

WALT: Recognise the properties of 2D shapes (Week 1). We had great fun using elastic bands and geoboards to make different 2D shapes!