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Using Maths Games

This week we have been looking at sorting information in various maths diagrams. To help us we have used data interpretation games and worked together to play against each other. You can also see some of our pupils skipping . We were generating data to sort in frequency charts and graphs. We were investing how many skips could be completed in one minute.

Revision of Shape

Have a look at our photos. We have been creating flat and solid shapes and revising their characteristics. We have also explored symmetry and tessellations. 


Maths Week

At the end of maths week the children had an opportunity to solve maths puzzles that led to the creation of a code. This code would then allow them to escape from the hall. Tricky but a great opportunity to work collaboratively to escape.

Revision of Fractions

Check out the photos below to see the practical activities Year 7 have been carrying out as they revise their understanding of fractions.