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World Around Us

The Challenge: To find a way of slowing down the rate of fall and cushion the impact as Eggy falls from a height.

Find out how we did it and if our eggs survived.

Electricity- an amazing invention.

We have been creating circuits to light bulbs, power motors and create sound. The challenge was to create a switch that would control the flow of power, to switch it on, then off. Here are some of our ideas.

Bridge Building Challenge

Build a bridge out of paper that will span more than 1/2 m and will carry the weight of a large toy car.

How has the past influenced the present?


Year 7 pupils have been looking at how life in the Victorian Era has affected life in the present day. This was our way of sharing a large number of facts with each other using a line up or  "Speed Sharing" . We then sorted our facts into a tree map.