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We loved using clay to make Diya lamps for the Festival of Diwali!

Forest School 🌳🌲🍃 - During ABL, we went outside and found sticks which we then used to make our own Christmas tree decorations!

Forest School 🌳🌲🍃 - As part of our Celebrations topic we are learning about the story of Christmas. Today we went outside and used natural materials to design a Nativity scene.

As Diwali is also know as the “Festival of Lights”, today in WAU we made our own lava lamp using oil and water. Firstly we predicted how the oil would react when it was added to the water. We learnt that these two liquids are immiscible. Then we added a Vitamin C tablet and watched bubbles of carbon dioxide being produced to create a lava lamp effect!

Today in Activity Based Learning we followed instructions for making colourful Rangoli rice and then used it to design our own Rangoli elephants!

We have had great fun taking part in Activity Based Learning in connection with our new topic of Celebrations! After learning about the Hindu festival of Diwali, we enjoyed making Diwali lanterns and Rangoli art!

Every week, we enjoy taking part in Activity Based Learning in connection with our topic of the Great Fire of London! 🔥 We have loved using playdough to make buns for Thomas Farriner’s bakery, making fire-themed pictures at the Creative Area, making Tudor style houses at the Junk Art area, building fire engines at the Construction area and much more!