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We have been learning how to use and understand venn diagrams. We have been practical sorting lots of items and shapes onto Venn diagrams and then explaining what we were doing using mathematical language. 

Venn diagrams



We have been learning all about weight and why it is important. We have been weighing, examine packaging, playing ICT games and maths activities linked to our WW2 topic. Have a look at out learning in action. 

We have been revising our 2D shapes and using the drone. Mrs Mehaffy read out some shape properties and we had to identify the correct shape. It was lots of fun and thankfully not too many crash landings!!


We have started to learn about the properties of some 2D shapes. We have been learning lots of important words like vertices, angles and sides. It was great fun being able to make 2D shapes and shape pictures using geoboards and bands. The tables all competed against each other to answer Mrs Mehaffy‘s shape quiz!

Look at the concentration as we make 2D shapes



We have been learning all about the months of the year.  We have been ordering months, saying rhymes and reading calendars. We also found out which months some special occasions happen in. 




In year 4 we love having the opportunity to play some mental maths games. Here we were improving our speed of recall for our number bonds. Today we are playing a range of bingo games. We do get very competitive 😃