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During maths weeks, Year 7 got to experience a range of mathematical activities.  We loved practising to be the maths champs for assembly head to head competition, it allowed use to use an apply our knowledge.  The class enjoyed playing a range of games including 4 in a row, we are definitely a competitive class!


We even got to be detectives when completing the ‘Escape Room’ activity, this really did make us think!  One of the home learning activities, also enabled us to transfer our detective skills to home as we have to solve a murder mystery using the mathematical clues!

Our WAU topic is North America, so our literacy home learning task provided us with the opportunity to find the height of the Statue of Liberty, the Lincoln Memorial and the height of the heads and the width of the eyes on Mount Rushmore.  The next day, the class went outside to measure our these lengths in our playground using a trundle wheel; we were astonished at the height of the Lincoln Memorial!