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Curriculum Leader: Mrs L. Smyth

Mrs P. Rogan - Woodwind Tutor

Mrs Rogan teaches children from Year 4-7 to play the clarinet or flute.

Lessons take place on a Wednesday morning between 11:00am and 12:30pm.  Children prepare for and enter graded exams, where we celebrate many successes.



Emma-Jane McKnight - Vocal Tutor

Emma-Jane visits school every Thursday morning, where children from Year 1 to Year 7 can avail of lessons.  Children prepare and enter musical theatre exams, where we celebrate many successes.




Grace uses a rota system to teach Year 1 to Year 7 pupils lessons on a Monday and Tuesday.  Grace uses 'Stavehouse' materials, a visual learning tool to teach the children.  Children are entered into stavehouse exams and then graded exams, where we have celebrated many musical successes.



Mrs B. Burns - Brass Tutor

Mrs Burns visits school on a Monday afternoon to teach brass.  Currently pupils are learning to play the trumpet.