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Autism Advice and Interventions 



The EA Autism Advisory and Interventation Service (AAIS) have arranged a series of workshops for the parents of young children who have a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder.


There are 4 workshops:


1. The overview of Autism Spectrum Disorder and using visual strategies to support your child.

2. Supporting sensory needs.

3. Effective play.

4. Transition support for children in the early years.


Further details regarding the workshops, including dates and times can be found here:

You will be required to enter the following access code to register:



We hope you find the workshops interesting and useful.

Support available from the Middletown Centre for Autism 




Training Opportunities currently provided by Middletown Centre for Autism

Middletown Centre for Autism offers programmes for Parents and family members.
Training courses are provided at no cost .
If any are of interest to you, please register/log on online and make your selection from the list provided.

The full range of courses  can be viewed at:


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