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11/3/20 - WALT: Sort information on a Venn Diagram.

9/3/20 - WALT: Develop our understanding of how to round numbers to the nearest 10.

2/3/20 - WALT: Understand how to halve a number. We shared out counters and sweets and also used an ICT game to help us learn that halving is the opposite of doubling.

4/2/20 - WALT: Develop our knowledge of doubles. We had great fun doing lots of practical work to help us learn our doubles!

27/1/20 - WALT: Use a 100 square to add 9 by adding 10 and subtracting 1.

22/1/20 - WALT: Represent o’clock and half past times on an analogue clock.

14/1/20 - We enjoyed going outside to practise making two-digit numbers using tens and units!

13/1/20 - WALT: Add 11. We thought of 11 as 10+1 and this helped us when we were adding 11!