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Mathematics and Numeracy

Financial Capability Week.

This week we have been learning all about finance, how we save and spend our money and how important it is to keep to a budget. We are also working with Janice Symmington from a local business who is going to help us set up our own mini enterprise. This week we have been buying beads, creating bracelets and selling them for a profit. We have also learned about re-investing this profit. This was all practising for the real thing. What will our enterprise be? We will keep you posted!

Learning about Financial Capability through activity based learning and a visit to the ice cream van!!

Learning about 2D and 3D Shapes in a Carousel of Activities

How good is our class at skipping?

How many skips could each pupil do in one minute?

Pupils gathered the data, sorted it and presented the information as frequency tables and graphs. 

It was great fun gathering the information. Look at how good we are at skipping!

Measuring area and perimeter.