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Have a look at our achievements. We have been very busy developing out skills and talents inside and outside of school. Here are some of the certificates, badges and trophies we have won outside of school. 


UNCRC- Article 29- Edcation must develop every child's personality and talents to the full. 

I was awarded this at BB, I worked hard all year to earn it. I am very proud of my achievement. 


I was awarded this cup at BB. It is the first cup I have ever won, I am very proud of myself.


I was third in quad racing in the 50cc. 



I got these certificates and badges for swimming. I was first. 

I worked hard to be awarded this certificate in gymnastics. 



I was awarded this certificate for being very good at football. 


We worked really hard to get these awards in BB. 



I was awarded this certificate for singing.