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Shared Education

Curriculum Leader: C.Gardner


The purpose of shared education is to -

(a) deliver educational benefits to children
(b) promote the efficient and effective use of resources
(c) promote equality of opportunity
(d) promote good relations; and
(e) promote respect for identity, diversity and community cohesion.


Historically there is a very well established and positive working relationship between St Macartan’s PS and Cumran PS. Our partnership is supported by the Board of Governors, our Principal and staff. In consultation both schools have identified WAU as a key area for development within the School Development Plan. By coming together and sharing planning, good practice and evaluation, it is our aim that staff will demonstrate increased levels of confidence in teaching WAU and therefore have a positive impact on school provision and children’s attainment. ICT skills will also be enhanced through the use of Fronter and video conferencing.



‘Education is not just about learning cognitive skills. It is also about helping children to learn about themselves, to be able to live peaceably with themselves and with others and to help them develop into competent, mature, self-motivated adults.’

Denis Lawrence 1996



The Board of Governors from Cumran Primary School and St Macartan’s Primary school enjoyed getting to know each other over coffee as part of our shared education programme. This was the first opportunity that they have had to meet together and share our plans for the future. We enjoyed chatting about the shared education partnership, finding out more about each other and learning about how together we can make a difference to the lives of the children in our schools.