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A Toast to Toast

Isn’t making toast a bind if you haven’t got a toaster? You only have a grill and space for two pieces of bread under it. So it takes 4 toastings to do three slices on both sides, or does it? 
Can you toast 3 pieces of bread on both sides in less than 4 toastings?


Let us know how you get on, exploring the answer. Send your answer to Mrs McDade or Mrs Robinson via the school email address. Good luck!


🌟Well done to all the parents who have sent in the solution!!
A certificate and prize is on its way to you! 👏🏻👏🏻



Did you find the answer? We’ll call our three slices of bread A,B and C. 
First toast A and B on one side.

Now toast A’s other side and C on its first side.

Finally toast  both B and C on their second side and you have toasted 3 pieces in 3 toastings. You should be the toast of the town! Or at least the kitchen. 

Problem 2: 

The Sands of Time

You have a couple of glass timers. One takes 7 minutes for the sand to trickle through and the other takes 11 minutes to trickle through. Using these two, work out how you could time 15 minutes, exactly.

Good luck!