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Mathematics and Numeracy

Curriculum Leader: Mrs P McDade

Using Thinking Maps In Numeracy


At Cumran we are using thinking maps to help us sort information and make connections between numbers, calculations, units of measurement, time and different areas of maths. Maps help us to sort and sequence information and to make connections. Have a look at some of the examples below. 


Financial Capability Week 2017


This week has been Financial Capability Week and through a range of activities, pupils have been learning about saving and spending money and about budgeting. The activities have been raising children’s awareness of the wider impact of money and personal financial decisions, not only  on their own future, but on their family and community.

Children have participated in drama, trips to the shop, Young Enterprise activities, art work, budgeting activities, online games and a visit from the ice cream van. Photographs can be seen in the presentation below. 



Useful Websites :


A Guide for Parents: 

   Challenge Box           

Can you work out the answer to this problem? Have a go.

Let's go back to the days before mobile phones. A man forgot to wind his only clock and it stopped. He knew his pal had a clock that always told the right time. So, he walked to his mate's house, where he stopped, had a chat and a cup of tea. He than walked back home, went straight in and set his clock to the right time. But how did he manage to do this?


Maths Workshops


ALTA Maths is an Adaptive Learning and Teaching Assessment that can be used by pupils online both in school and at home, throughout Key Stages 1, 2 and 3. Parents had an opportunity to be a pupil and try some of the maths problems and tests. Just like our pupils at Cumran, they were able to review how they had answered and track their progress through the tests. This is an excellent resource that can be used at home and I would encourage all parents to let their children have a go. All of our pupils have their own personal logins and passwords for and can try the P tests at any time. Thank you to all who attended the workshops.  (Note: Control Click will act as a rubber and remove any unwanted answers.)


Foundation Stage Parents' Workshop


This workshop was held on 23rd October and the focus was in number. Parents had an opportunity to see how pupils learn about the value of a number and how they can help their children at home. Games, activities and APPs were used to support learning and both the pupils and parents enjoyed the evening. Thank you to Mrs Murray and Mrs Thompson for leading the workshops and to Mrs Brown and Mrs Bingham for assisting.