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Year 7

Year 7 Test Out Our New Drones.

Excitement with Drones

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Fine Dining at Frenchies

The Heart Start Programme

Learning basic first aid skills is key to being part of the chain of survival. We have been learning how to help someone who may have cut themselves badly, have choked on a piece of food, may have collapsed or have taken a heart attack. Our pupils even know what to do if someone has experienced cardiac arrest.

Young Enterprise

Our young entrepreneurs are getting ready for the Trade Fair at Bow Street Mall. Our business Cumran Creations even has its own logo.

Greenhill 2018

Our thoughts about Greenhill....

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Day 3 And still plenty of energy. Orienteering, scavenger hunt, forest walk and climbing wall. Check out the Nightline activity below.


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Greenhill YMCA

Day 2

Another busy day at Greenhill with fun and challenging activities. The pupils have excelled themselves. Have a look at what they have been getting up to. 


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Day 2 Drama!

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Star gazing after Coco’s

Greenhill YMCA


Year 7 pupils have had a brilliant first day at Greenhill - abseiling, falling into water (deliberately), going down the zip line and archery. Have a look at the pictures and videos below.



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Speakers' Corner

Pupils had the opportunity to express their opinion about an issue that was close to their heart. They had just one minute to make their point and explain it. 

Celebrating World Book Day

We took part in a table quiz which was great fun and made buns for our favourite book characters.

Merry Christmas Everyone.

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Ditch the Dark Day!

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Our Motto: Look Up and Aim High

Fitness Freddy

Raising Money for our school as Sporting Heroes.

Code Week

We have been creating our own Google Logos using Scratch.

Be the Best Version of Yourself.                               S  L  I  P  E  R

When you are preparing for something you know is going to be difficult and stressful remember  S  L  I  P  E  R


S: Self- talk make it positive and instructional

L: Let it go! Worries or mistakes, put them behind you.

I: Remember the power of Imagery- see your goals

P: Practise to prepare

E: Exhale- remember the tips for breathing

R: Keep to a routine

European Day of Languages

Today was European Day of Languages and Year 7 looked at the country of Spain. We located Spain on a map, looked at places to visit, Spanish food and famous people from the country. We investigated the work of Pablo Picasso and drew portraits in the style of Picasso and Cubism. We also tasted olives, Spanish omelette and Paella with chicken and chorizo. The Paella was a favourite !!

Later in the day we use Red hat thinking to express our opinions about the annual Bull Run in Pamplona.




The Victorians had a great influence on the present day because they were amazing inventors. Year 7 are also great inventors. They have used construction materials to build items with gears, pulleys and levers. Like Isambard Kingdom Brunel,  they will be bridge building next. Have a look at our World Around Us page below.

We are a Rights Respecting School. 



We have been looking at the Articles of the UNCRC and identifying what our needs and wants are. We used diamond ranking to sort the needs that are most important to us.