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Planning Comparative Report

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Comparative Report


We used our compare/contrast thinking frame, comparative grid and categorising frame when writing our comparative report about Titanic and Symphony of the Seas.  After carrying out a lot of research, we wrote detailed reports  which compare the most luxurious ship in 1912 with the most luxurious ship in 2020.  Click on the links and you can read some of our reports.  Happy reading.smiley

Titanic Powerpoints


We have been learning how to use a wide range of tools when making a powerpoint.  We now know how to edit the font size, colour and style.   When using the slide design, we have been able to make our presentations look so professional!  We are able to source pictures from the internet and insert these into our powerpoints, we also know how to resize pictures so they fit onto the slide.  The use of slide transitions and animations improve the final presentation.  Mrs Smyth finally taught us how to add a hyperlink into our powerpoints, we have been able to add short video clips, this just shows how our brains are getting stronger and we are getting smarter!enlightenedAs we journey into Year 7, we are looking forward to building upon these newly acquired skills.



Titanic scrapbooks

Verbs, adverbs and adjectives



Mrs Smyth carried out a P4C lesson using collaborate.  We warmed our brains up thinking how we could use a shoe, there were lots of ideas from a boat to a minibeast hotel.  Next, we watched a short video clip of Harry Potter and we engaged in a good discussion about choices.  We had the opportunity to discuss the questions in breakaway groups before coming back to the main room to share our ideas with others. This was an awesome lesson and we can’t wait until we complete more of these lessons.