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Christmas Jumper Day

We are raising money for Save the Children by wearing our Christmas jumpers to school! We are thinking about others at this important time of the year. 

Feeling festive!

Feeling festive!  1
Feeling festive!  2
Feeling festive!  3
Feeling festive!  4
Feeling festive!  5
Feeling festive!  6
Feeling festive!  7
Feeling festive!  8
Feeling festive!  9


Today we visited the Eco bus to learn all about how important it is to reduce and recycle rubbish at home and in school. We had a great time learning all about what we can be recycled and some of the items which can be made from recycled materials like wallets,  lunch bags, stools and fleeces. We were able to make a badge each which was made from recycled items. We had a brilliant time. 

The Eco Bus

The Eco Bus 1
The Eco Bus 2
The Eco Bus 3
The Eco Bus 4
The Eco Bus 5
The Eco Bus 6
The Eco Bus 7
The Eco Bus 8
The Eco Bus 9
The Eco Bus 10
The Eco Bus 11
The Eco Bus 12
The Eco Bus 13
The Eco Bus 14
The Eco Bus 15
The Eco Bus 16
The Eco Bus 17
The Eco Bus 18
The Eco Bus 19
The Eco Bus 20
The Eco Bus 21





We all dressed as our favourite superhero today and learnt to dance with Batman (Fitness Freddy). We had great fun learning some new dance moves and singing along to raise money. 


Article 31-every child has the right to relax, play and take part in a wide range of cultural and artistic activities. 


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