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Term 1 Special Events

Raising Money For Daisy Lodge

It was amazing to hear about the work of Daisy Lodge in Newcastle from our own pupils at Cumran. Year 7 were inspired to create their own posters to carry as they completed the Santa Run on Friday 3rd December. We had great fun walking around the school 7 times to complete a mile, in fact many would have walked further , had they been given the opportunity. We hope to have raised plenty of money for the amazing work being carried out with families at Daisy Lodge.

🧸 Children in Need 🧸

Friday 19th November was Children in Need Day and to raise money we all wore bright clothes and brought our teddies to school wearing a bandage over their eye, just like Pudsey! Look what happens when Mrs McDade turns her back! 🧸

Playing games in Spanish class.

Friendship Week

This week has been friendship week and the theme for this year was ‘One Kind Word’ as very often, one kind word leads to another. Year 7 have explored kind words that they can say to each other to encourage and build friendships. They have looked at how we behave towards one another and how important it is to build each other up with encouraging words. What we say and do matters and the One Kind Word theme is helping to promote positive friendships. With this theme in mind they have used Newsdesk, artwork and a walking debate.

Bike Safety Workshop with Sustrans

Today we had a really interesting bicycle safety workshop with Iain Sneddon from Sustrans. He told us about the importance of wearing a helmet and how we should have it properly fitted to our heads to protect us. He also showed us other safety equipment we could wear when mountain biking. He was able to perform some amazing stunts too. Have a look at our photos below.


This year is the 100th anniversary of the Royal British Legion. As part of a community and whole school effort, pupils created poppies out of old plastic bottles, which were then attached to a remembrance display on the horse chestnut tree outside the school gates. This was a perfect way to remember the fallen and the pupils also learned a little more about why the poppy is used as a symbol of remembrance. Did you know the Scottish poppy is different from the one we wear in Northern Ireland?