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Personal Development and Mutual Understanding

Personal Development and Mutual Understanding


Emotionally Intelligent School 


At Cumran Primary School we are trying to move towards becoming an Emotionally Intelligent school. It is hoped that developing emotional intelligence will make children aware of the vocabulary of emotions, allow them to understand the emotions in themselves and others and help them work towards regulating their emotions.

Peter Salovey & Donal J Sluyter define Emotional Intelligence as "The ability to perceive emotions, to access and generate emotions so as to assist thought, to understand emotions and emotional knowledge, and to reflectively regulate emotions so as to promote emotional and intellectual growth."

The reasons for promoting the benefits of Emotional Intelligence are:

- Empowering success
- Improvement in performance and confidence
- Improved learning
- Improvement in behaviour
- Increased pupil involvement
- Less time spent dealing with behavioural problems
- Greater willingness to work with our children in a holistic way
- Increased inclusion
- Greater social cohesion
- Improved mental health


Emotional Intelligence will be achieved through all classes following a Personal Development and Mutual Understanding programme (PDMU).

We are also going to develop and teach core values & character traits in our pupils. These will be linked to emotional development.

Our Aspirations for your child/children living in the 21st Century is to give them the opportunity to discuss and consider the emotional competencies and qualities necessary for young people so that they can make the most of the world they are going to find themselves in.

In Cumran Primary School we will be focusing on a specific character trait each month of the school year. Understanding of these character traits will be developed in Key Stage and whole assemblies, in class and it is hoped at home. A display board in the assembly hall will reflect that month's character trait. In addition to this each classroom will display the name of our character traits on the classroom door.

September - Responsibility     February - Friendship
October - Perseverance          March - Honesty
November - Respect                April - Forgiveness
December - Patience               May - Caring
January - Manners                  June - Sharing